The trusted system, rebooted

After about a year of (sometimes) Getting Things Done, two links from around the net have made me reconsider my “trusted system” and how I’m using it.

I’ve had a Yahoo mail account for ages, and play around with the calendar portions of it every once in a while.. I’ve always sort of liked it, but never really had any idea how I could use it beyond the “this is cool and strangely simple” factor. So, when Chris Wright posted his two-part tutorial on GTD with Yahoo, I was interested. Later on, reading Scott Andrew’s guest post at 43 Folders, where he also extolled the virtues of Yahoo calendar, I figured there had to be something to this. I’m now giving the whole Yahoo Notepad/Calendar thing a try, and it seems to be working pretty well.

2 thoughts on “The trusted system, rebooted”

  1. All in all, it makes a lot more sense to me than some of the hydra-headed “It’s a Wiki! It’s a taskpad! It’s an apple corer!” GTD apps people have been raving about lately. Thanks for making your idea public!

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